Industrial Grade Means Your Productivity Won’t Be Affected by Our Switch Performance

Protected Against the Elements

The factory floor is an unforgiving place; exposure to dirt, moisture, and corrosion is commonplace. Industrial switches need to work every time, regardless of whether the worker uses a hand, glove or a tool to turn it on or off. C&K knows that water, oils, grease, or temperature extremes can’t be allowed to stand in the way of a switch’s performance.

Quality You Can Count On

Industrial switches can be used every day, or once every few years. These switches are found on equipment, alarms and utility meters that aren’t replaced often, making it critical that they work correctly when called upon, despite a long time in between uses.

Built for Decades, Not Years

Switches installed in industrial equipment and systems need to be designed to last many cycles, regardless of how long ago they were installed. Industrial equipment goes several years between upgrades and replacements – and the switches need to match that longevity.

Engagement You Can Feel

The haptics of an industrial switch are just as important as the reliability. Workers using a switch that hasn’t been touched for years need to know it works as intended through the feel and sound it makes. The long-lasting, high-quality haptics in a C&K switch ensure your product and brand are known for its durability and effectiveness, not just its reliability.

Product Catalog

C&K works closely with some of the biggest brands in the world to build customized switches to meet precise customer requirements for haptic touch, look, sound and other unique features.

Speak with a Specialist

The quickest way to find a solution and overcome your toughest engineering challenges is to let us help you. Our team of product, market and engineering specialists are here to provide expert advice and show you what C&K has to offer.