Improving Patient Care One Switch at a Time

The Ultimate Operator Experience

Medical professionals need to know that the devices they use work as intended. The feel of and response from a device is critical, especially when used in complex surgical procedures. C&K’s haptic capabilities create lasting impressions that help deliver quality care.

Surgical Precision & Performance

Medical and pharmaceutical professionals need devices to perform reliably and flawlessly in unpredictable environments, such as operating and emergency rooms. Medical product engineers know that quality C&K switches will allow their devices to outperform and outlive the competition.

Designed to Meet Today's Needs & Tomorrow's

Medical products are constantly evolving to require new functionally. Engineering teams need a switch that not only fits within their current design but adjusts easily to rapidly changing design and functionality needs.

Driving Data Collection & Connected Devices

C&K switches enable the power of modern medicine, enhancing the ability of a medical device to capture important patient data consistently over a long period of time. The use of information to better customize patient care is the future of medicine and the right switch can help make this a reality.

Product Catalog

C&K works closely with some of the biggest brands in the world to build customized switches to meet precise customer requirements for haptic touch, look, sound and other unique features.

Speak with a Specialist

The quickest way to find a solution and overcome your toughest engineering challenges is to let us help you. Our team of product, market and engineering specialists are here to provide expert advice and show you what C&K has to offer.