Performance & Luxury with the Push of a Button

Driving Innovation

Electric cars, autonomous vehicles and the consumerization of in-car technology are revolutionizing the way people get from one place to another. C&K meets and exceeds the pace of automotive innovation not only with our switches but with our in-depth design support, testing and expertise, helping you reach optimum performance with the highest levels of reliability in this new world.

Creating an Experience

When purchasing a car you're not just buying a product, you're buying an experience. The look, the feel, the sound, and they way you interact with the controls are all contributing factors in determining your perception of performance, luxury, and quality. At C&K we work with the world largest and most revered car brands to ensure we deliver solutions that not only are safe and dependable, but also deliver an experience that is truely their own.

Beauty in the Details

C&K’s best-in-class switches seamlessly blend core functionality like powertrain, steering, safety and gear shifts, with the modern-day luxuries like keyless entry,multi-zone climate and audio management customers crave. C&K offers solutions with the best price/performance ratio, along with the flexibility to customize and tailor our switches to meet auto manufaturers' specific needs.

Strength for the Tough Road Ahead

Vehicles and their internal and external applications must withstand harsh elements, demanding surfaces and other natural forces. C&K’s robust and versatile switches are equipped to power your vehicle’s performance in any environment or across any terrain without breaking down.

Product Catalog

C&K works closely with the biggest brands in the world to build customized switches to meet precise customer requirements for haptic touch, look, sound and other unique features.

Speak with a Specialist

The quickest way to find a solution and overcome your toughest engineering challenges is to let us help you. Our team of product, market and engineering specialists are here to provide expert advice and show you what C&K has to offer.