Interior Detection


In addition to Interior Controls, C&K also offers a full line of switches for the Interior Detection needs of automotive designers, covering everything from making sure all passengers are locked in tight, to providing extra protection from glare on a sunny day. 

The company manufactures a wide variety of Sun Visor Switches, Glove Box Switches, Seat Detection and Seat Belt Switches – all crafted with the reliability and long mechanical and electrical lifespans that customers have come to expect from C&K. From compact switches – needed when space is limited – to those with snap-acting mechanisms – necessary for drivers to understand when a feature is switched on or off – C&K can be counted on to deliver the perfect switch for any design vision. 

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Interior Detection
Interior Detection
Key Products
  • ZMA Subminiature Snap-Acting Switches
  • ZMSM Subminiature Snap-acting Switches
  • KSC4D Sealed Detect Switch
  • KSJ Spherical Actuator Tact Switch