Access Management


The first experience any owner has with their vehicle is opening the door and starting the engine up for the first time. C&K provides a wide-range of switches for use in all the potential access points of today’s modern vehicles.

From long-lasting Keyfobs that allow drivers entry into their vehicles at the touch of a button, to reliable Handles and Latches that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, C&K has the right switch for any model of vehicle. The company’s automotive switches are designed to have long electrical and mechanical lives, matching the extended lifecycle of today’s vehicles. 

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Handles / Trunks
Handles / Trunks
Key Products
  • KSS Subminiature SMT Side Actuated
  • KMR Microminiature SMT Top Actuated
  • KMT0 Nano-miniature SMT
  • RKA Ultra Low Profile Top Actuated
  • RKB Microminiature SMT Top Actuated
  • RKC Microminiature SMT Top Actuated
  • K12 High Performance Key Switch
  • K12S High Performance Key Switch
  • KSJ Spherical Actuator Tact Switch
  • KSC2 Sealed Tact Switch for SMT
  • KSC4 Sealed Tact Switch for SMT
  • KSC8 Sealed Tact Switch for SMT
  • ZMA Subminiature Snap-Acting Switches
  • ZMSM Subminiature Snap-acting Switches