Powertrain (wire functions)


C&K offers several reliable, high-performance switches for automotive designers looking to make sure their Gear Shifters, Park Switches and Electronic Park Brakes incorporate the latest technology and match the overall design experience of the vehicle – instead of forcing designers to compromise their vision to get the functionality they want. 

From shifter modules & switch harnesses that integrate switches or switch functions for a perfect mechanical and acoustic behavior; to shifters on gear sticks that integrate rocker functions with the corresponding harness; or electronic park brake switches that include redundant functionality and fast changeover time – with C&K’s unmatched custom design capabilities and haptics expertise, the possibilities are endless.

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Gear Shifters
Gear Shifters
Electric Park Brake
Electric Park Brake
Key Products
  • K12S High Performance Key Switch
  • KSC V2 Side Actuated Tact Switch
  • PVA Short Stroke Key Switch