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[Short Video] The World's Smallest Tactile Switch - C&K's NanoT

The Nano Tactile (NanoT) is the World’s Smallest Tactile Switch. It is the smallest switch solution on the market for sophisticated applications powered by Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smart watches and medical wearables such as health monitoring trackers and hearing aids. 

C&K Switch Haptic & Sound Automotive Interiors Webinar

C&K's Jérome Smolinski, Market Industry Leader for C&K Automotive, speaks at Global Automotive Interiors Webinar on Tuesday, 10 November, 2020. His topic is "Switch Haptic & Sound For Car HMI, Present And Future Solutions".

C&K Connected Medical Devices Webinar

C&K's Medical Market Experts Roger Bohannan and Adam Krol present "Data Collection Demands from 5G/IoT/IoMT Connected Medical Devices" at a Live Webinar on September 1, 2020.