Data Collection Demands from 5G/IoT/IoMT Connected Medical Devices

C&K Connected Medical Devices Webinar

September 02, 2020

C&K's Medical Market Experts Roger Bohannan and Adam Krol present "Data Collection Demands from 5G/IoT/IoMT Connected Medical Devices" at a Live Webinar on September 1, 2020.

The AI-5G-IoT-IoMT and connected device world is gaining traction in a wide range of markets including medical, industrial, automotive, aerospace and high-end consumer. This will continue as AI, block chain, and smart applications combine new disruptive digital services with cost savings.

As smart devices gain more acceptance, the medical segment is experiencing similar impactful transformations as are other industries. The difference with the medical segment is the starting point. Many medical devices are transitioning from passive devices to active devices or unconnected to connected. That requires battery power, electrical circuitry, connectivity, and data collection demands in devices for the first time. These data collection demands are typically supported by innovative electromechanical controls or switches.

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