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[Short Video] C&K's First Illuminated Toggle Switch

C&K, the leading manufacturer of high reliability electromechanical switches, has expanded its toggle switch product family to include an illuminated version. Available in six different LED color options, the ILT Series delivers clear and distinct visual communication with users. This product is ideal for industrial and medical devices.

[Short Video] C&K Switches for Medical Applications

This video features C&K's switches for medical applications. C&K's switches support the full range of medical applications: diagnostic equipment, minimally invasive surgical tools, medical wearables, connected pharmaceutical delivery, e-health, and connected home healthcare products.

[Short Video] The World's Smallest Tactile Switch - C&K's NanoT

The Nano Tactile (NanoT) is the World’s Smallest Tactile Switch. It is the smallest switch solution on the market for sophisticated applications powered by Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smart watches and medical wearables such as health monitoring trackers and hearing aids. 

C&K Connected Medical Devices Webinar

C&K's Medical Market Experts Roger Bohannan and Adam Krol present "Data Collection Demands from 5G/IoT/IoMT Connected Medical Devices" at a Live Webinar on September 1, 2020.