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[Short Video] Miniature Thumbstick Switch for Premium Controller Products - C&K's THB

December 18, 2020

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C&K's THB series are miniature thumbstick switches which include a 2-axis multi-directional input and an integrated center select switch, offering premium performance in a small form factor. It has a high-quality dual axis lever provides a high activation force and removes hysteresis, reducing the dead zone common in thumb switches of this type. This extended lever features a flatted surface with a mechanical stop to accept customized caps and actuators that do not interfere with the range of motion.

The THB is the ideal switch for high-end applications where frequent use is expected and reliability is demanded. In applications from gaming controllers, commercial or hobby drones, flight controls, heavy equipment, navigational devices, wheelchair controls, and medical & consumer electronics, these will meet or exceed your design requirements.

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