[Short Video] Highly Successful and Versatile Tactile Switches - C&K's KSC Family

October 20, 2020


Captioned Translations are available for this video in German, French, Italian, and Chinese. 

For captions: first start the video, then click Settings icon  on bottom of screen and select subtitles to choose your language.


The C&K KSC Family is a series of highly successful and versatile tactile switches which has the widest selection in the industry. The IP67 rating guarantees they’ll survive dusty and wet conditions, while the actuators, domes, and housings can be mixed in order to obtain the right dimensions, haptics and resistance to meet your specific application needs. This short video highlights 3 Products in the KSC Family which includes the KSC XA, KSC OF, and KSC TE series. C&K delivers "Switch IQ" - Innovation and Quality.  

To learn more about C&K’s KSC Family of tactile switches, please visit us at ckswitches.com