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[Short Video] C&K Switches for Medical Applications

March 02, 2021


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C&K's switches support the full range of medical applications: diagnostic equipment, minimally invasive surgical tools, medical wearables, connected pharmaceutical delivery, e-health, and connected home healthcare products. Our micro-miniature product family includes the KMT0, PTS, KSC, and the KMR series as well as the newly introduced NanoT, the world's smallest tactile switch. This has expanded our support for current products, such as wearable medical devices and hearing aids, while simultaneously expanding detection opportunities for connected drug delivery systems, personal health tracking and monitoring devices.

C&K maintains the most advanced medical manufacturing capabilities in the world. All C&K locations maintain the highest quality certifications required to support medical products. Our engineering and development teams understand the global medical regulatory demands from Asia, Europe, and the USA.

C&K knows medical switch product demands. For more information about our vast array of switches and solutions, please visit our C&K medical page at ckswitches.com/markets/medical.