Home Monitoring, Medical Wearables, Diabetes Care and Drug Delivery Device Design

Roger Bohannan By Roger Bohannan | April 23, 2018

The wearable medical devices market is expected to reach USD $14.4 Billion by 2022 from $6.22 Billion just last year (Research & Markets). While doctors and nurses are more sophisticated users of medical devices, home healthcare patients are less familiar with medical device interfaces. Although both environments help with patient care, the demands and expectations are different.

C&K can help design engineers find the perfect medical switch developed specifically for home healthcare devices: medical wearables, eHealth, drug delivery, diabetes care, nebulizers, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and scales. Let C&K help you get your medical switch search started:

Home health Care / eHealth Switches

Application and suggested switch options

  • Digital and infrared Thermometers – KSC2, KMR, KMT0, KXT3
  • Pulse Oximeters –   KMT0, KXT3, KMR
  • Blood Pressure & Blood Glucose Monitors – KMR, KMT, ATS
  • Nebulizers & CPAP machines – CR, EP, KSC2
  • Scales –   AYZ, PCM, JS, KSC2
  • Measuring equipment –  KSC2, ENC, D, CR
  • Monitors – KSC2, ENC
  • Drug auto injector –  KMR, KMT0, KSC2
  • Electronic inhalers –   KMT0, KSC2, ATS


Drug Delivery Switches

Application and suggested switch options

  • Active Insulin –   KSC2
  • Pain and hormone Delivery – KSC2
  • Epi pens – EP, KSC2, KMR
  • Drug dispensing and monitoring – EP, KSC2, KMR


Diabetes Care Switches

Application and suggested switch options

  • Glucose monitors – HDT, SDS, KSC2, KMR
  • Insulin Pens –  KSC2, KMR, KMT0
  • Insulin pumps – KSC2, KMR, KMT0


Medical Wearables Switches

Application and suggested switch options

  • Tracking and monitoring devices –  KMT0, KXT3
  • Hearing Aids –  KMT0, KMT2, KXT3, PTS830
  • Audiology Equipment –   KSC2, EP, 8020, ENC



By Roger Bohannan, Medical Segment Leader, C&K