Blog Series (PART 1 of 3): COVID-19 Testing, Vaccines, 5G, the Connected Community and a Massive Market Expansion

A new year is upon us. Reflecting on the fight against COVID-19, the FDA has approved medical equipment, COVID-19 testers, pharmaceutical therapies and vaccines. One of these newly approved COVID-19 testers is allowing for home-based information that provides immediate results of your contact and the potential infection from the virus.   Go to Article

Digging Deeper into the Trends Driving New Product Development in the Medical Segment

This blog gives a closer look into the global mega trends in the medical segment, which provides invaluable insights in driving new product development and product design improvements in healthcare globally. Major trends discussed include value based healthcare, "Point of Care" that utilizes immediate, accurate and collectable and the transformation from unconnected devices to connected devices and from passive devices to active devices. Go to Article

Did the UK just leap frog the USA for Covid Vaccine availability!?

Did the UK just leap frog the USA for Covid Vaccine availability!?A more broad question: there are dose deliveries that all governments have contracted with nearly all vaccine providers. Where are the connected autoinjector delivery systems to verify and validate all this dose delivery activity. Go to Article