C&K's Illuminated Pushbuttons

[Short Video] C&K's Illuminated Pushbuttons PLP16 Series & KLS Series

April 13, 2021


Captioned Translations are available for this video in German, French, Italian, and Chinese.

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C&K’s PLP16 Series and KLS Series are both illuminated pushbutton switches in our product line.  These illuminated designs allows for visual communication to the user - which makes it easy to see whether the switch is on or off from a distance.  

These two series are designed for a variety of applications in the industrial, and transportation markets.  A couple example of uses of these switches would be in instrumentation, control panels, off-road transportation and power distributor systems.

To learn more about C&K's Switch IQ (Innovation and Quality) and the versatile PLP16 and KLS Series, please visit us as ckswitches.com