Quality Policy

As an ISO registered company, C&K strives for complete customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and defect-free performance. With highly automated manufacturing facilities, ongoing training programs and internal audit teams, C&K’s six-sigma design methodology, process capability analysis, statistical process control and supplier quality initiatives ensure improved performance by means of defect-free products. Continual improvements in product design, tooling, processes, test and material section have further enhanced product performance, yielding tighter tolerances, more precise specifications and higher operating cycles.

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One of our goals is to respond as quickly as possible to specific requests our customers may have. If you have special request (questionnaire, specific customer requirements, or just a question on our quality system), you can contact us at the following e-mail address: ck_quality@ckswitches.com

If you have any issues or have questions related to our products, please contact your customer service teams in Waltham (for America), Serris (for Europe) or Hong Kong (for Asia).

Dole France Certification

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 50001
IATF 16949
EN 9100
AEO Certificate (Authorized Economic Operator)


ESA Certificate for D*M type connectors and accessories
ESA Certificate for D*MA type connectors and accessories
ESA Certificate for MDM type connectors and accessories
ESA Certificate for MTB type connectors and accessories
ESA Certificate for Fast Locking screw lock assemblies for rectangular connectors and connector savers
All ESA certified C&K Components
Military Certification
Certification Master Supplier Airbus

Waltham MA Certification

ISO 9001
Military certificate : facility approval
UL certificate

Huizhou China Certification

IATF16949 for Huizhou
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

C&K’s Global Response to Coronavirus

Letter to Customers – C&K

Kobe Steel Issue

Letter CK Kobe Steel

Mitsubishi Data Manipulation

Letter CK Mitsubishi