Never Slip Grip Miniature Toggle Switch

Miniature Toggle Switch from C&K Features Never Slip Grip

By News Author | June 12, 2020

C&K's 7000 Toggle Series Grip Tip Product Image

C&K, the leading manufacturer of high reliability electromechanical switches, has expanded its miniature 7000 Series locking toggle switch to include an optional knurled cap. The textured pattern provides a nonslip surface that enables customers to move from one position to another without the toggle lever slipping from their grip.

Offering reliable and long-term operation up to 100K cycles, the 7000 Series locking toggle switch is available with and without the IP67 sealing to meet application requirements.

With a wide variety of actuator and termination options available, the miniature 7000 Series locking toggle switches are commonly used in medical, instrumentation and telecommunication applications.

“The enhanced 7000 Series toggle switches combine smooth actuation with rugged performance for long-term operation,” said Troy Dixon-Sekaquaptewa, Global Product Manager at C&K. “The never slip grip and locking lever offers actuation security when moving from one lever position to another.”

The 7000 series are epoxy terminal-seal compatible with bottom wash cleaning and are engineered to be both multi-pole and multi-position, ensuring a perfect fit, no matter the design specifications.

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