Redefining What's Possible in Switch Technology

Built for the Extremes

We're commited to delivering products that offer mission-critical performance in the most extreme enviorments and circumatances. We understand the stress switches and connectors go through in air travel and space flight is second-to-none - Which is why we make sure all our components perform as intended, even in the face of high vibrations, extreme temperature changes, radiation exposure and more.

Quality You Can Count On

In the aerospace industry, there’s no room for negotiation – every piece of equipment has to work as intended, whenever it’s called upon. Once in use, replacements are either prohibitively expensive or impossible. C&K engineers its switches and components to work the same if used every day, every month, or only once a year.

Compliant with Rules & Regulations

Components used in the avionics and space industries need to continually demonstrate full compliance with all relevant specifications, rules and regulations. When building an application for an airplane or a satellite, you can rest easy knowing that C&K has already reviewed and checked this box.

Designs As Unique As Your Vision

With numerous applications in the aerospace industry being for single-use or one-off products, ensuring that a connector can be designed and engineered to meet the strictest requirements without having to change the design is of critical importance. The custom design capabilities of C&K helps companies guarantee that there will always be a perfect fit.

Product Catalog

C&K works closely with some of the biggest brands in the world to build customized switches to meet precise customer requirements for haptic touch, look, sound and other unique features.

Speak with a Specialist

The quickest way to find a solution and overcome your toughest engineering challenges is to let us help you. Our team of product, market and engineering specialists are here to provide expert advice and show you what C&K has to offer.