Aerospace Connectors

Connectors for Aerospace Applications

C&K’s global manufacturing operations are in compliance with the stringent standards set by the DoD, NASA, FAA and all high-quality aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. With the C&K’s entire manufacturing chain receiving an AS9100 certification, the company can receive orders directly from all over the globe. Product designers can choose to either take advantage of C&K’s portfolio of available switches and unmatched custom design capabilities – or to work alongside a preferred distribution partner to complete their aerospace designs.


Space Connectors

  • Satellites / Launchers
  • Float Mount Miniature Solutions for Harsh Environment
  • PCB Connectors
  • Cabling
  • Computer Space Systems
  • Payloads Board to Board Connection
  • Integrated Interconnected Systems
  • Antenna Connections and Harnesses
  • Test Equipment Applications