Test Measurement

C&K offers a complete line of standard and customized switch products including Tactile, DIP, Rocker and Pushbutton.

Regardless of whether you’re testing for critical gas leaks, measuring pressure or even running a diagnostic on an automobile, you expect your testing apparatus to work as intended. Every time.

Whether they are used in a lab environment, an auto repair shop, or a construction site, test & measurement products need to perform reliably under challenging conditions. The switches used to power, program and operate these devices must be designed to perform at the same level.

That’s where C&K comes in. The company provides companies across the globe with high-performance switches for Precision Weighing Equipment, Pressure & Flow Transmitters, Chemical Analysis Equipment, Gas Chromatography, Gas & Leak Detection, Handheld or Benchtop Test Equipment, Coordinate Measuring Machines and Centrifuges.

C&K is known among those designing test & measurement applications as the provider of reliable, long-lasting switches that are available in a variety of options to fit every design need. And for those designs that don’t have a readily available solution, C&K is dedicated to working with its customers to custom design one.

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