SL Series
Large Heavy Duty Snap-Acting Switches

Snap SL product image
Snap SL product image

Image shown represents the product series and may not indicate the actual part number

SL series is a sealed heavy duty interlock switch perfect for outdoors and harsh environment applications. It offers with 0.187"quick connect terminal or potted 12 inches (304.8 mm) wire long and IP67 rated.

Features and Benefits

  • IP67 rated encapsulated wires version
  • Threaded or non-threaded plunger
  • Dust tight for the quick connect terminal version
  • From 0.1A to 10A max. / AC or DC Voltage
  • Push (MOM) / pull motion (maintained)
  • Excellent sealed solution for harsh or outdoors applications
  • Ruggedize design for door detect applications (harsh environments)

Typical Applications

  • Industrial food equipment
  • Industrial enclosures
  • String converters
  • Test lab equipment
  • Panel builders


  • Contact Rating:

    0.1A @ 125/250 VAC or 30VDC; 3A @ 125/250 VAC  or  30VDC; 6A @ 125/250 VAC  or 30VDC; 10A @ 125/250 VAC or 5A@ 30VDC

  • Electrical Life:

    10 000 cycles @ 10mA; 100 000 cycles @ 3A

  • Insulation Resistance:

    100 MΩ min.

  • Operating Temperature:

    –40ºC to 85ºC

  • Dielectric Strength:

    Min 500VAC (50-60Hz)/minute between Live Parts