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Single Line Strip Connector

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  • Single line strip connector
  • Flight and Engineering models available
  • Twist pin contacts technology
  • 2 to 50 cavities
  • Multiple contacts termination choices:
  • Contacts installed in factory
  • Options: Latching and Polarization key
  • Non-outgassing
Series Specifications
Working Voltage Standard Density: 150 Vrms at sea level
Rated current Contact with solid uninsulated wire: 2.5 A
Rated current Contact with wire AWG26: 2.5 A
Rated current Contact with wire AWG28: 1.5 A
Contact resistance (rated current): 5.0 milliohms max
Insulation resistance (500 VDC): 5000 megohms min
Voltage proof Standard Density: 600 Vrms / 2.0 mA leakage current
temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
Typical Applications
Space equipements
Satellites harnesses and payloads
Military and Avionics
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