MD & MDP Series

4 Configurations

Aircraft instruments and panels need to be reliable and long-lasting. That’s why so many designers in the industry turn to C&K’s MD series of short travel, self-cleaning keyswitches. Available in two actuator forces, the MD sealed tact switch series from C&K are built to give end-users an excellent tactile feel every time.

  • Short Travel
  • Self cleaning
  • Excellent tactile feel
Series Specifications
Contact Rating: Silver: 100mA Gold: 50mA
Insulation Resistance: > 10 megohms
Electrical Life: 1,000,000 cycles
Contact Resistance: < 100 milliohms
Dielectric Strength: > 250 Vrms
Operating Temperature: -25°C to 70°C for silver version / -55°C to 85°C for gold version
Solderability: Wave soldering, compatible with lead free soldering profile, hand soldering, 350°C
Typical Applications
Aircraft instruments
Aircraft panels
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