SFS: 12mm Soft and Shorter Travel Tact Switch

C&K Launches Customizable Mid-Travel Tact Switch with Soft Sound

By News Author | October 22, 2020

Ideal for automotive, panel and control applications in a wide range of industries, the 12mm SFS Series tact switch provides soft sound with positive haptic feeling.

C&K, the leading manufacturer of high reliability electromechanical switches, has added a 12mm mid-travel tact switch with soft sound and positive haptic feeling solution to its comprehensive tactile switch product offering. Featuring an industry standard 12 x 12mm footprint, the high reliability SFS Series is rated to sealed IP40 dust proof and supports up to 300K cycles. Simplifying integration into a broad range of customer designs and applications, the SFS Series provides three customizable actuation forces including 360gf, 680gf and 970gf.

Offering soft sound and positive tactile feedback, the SFS Series is commonly used in vehicle interior, industrial automation, and medical equipment control applications.

The SFS Series tact switch has gold plating contacts that provide reliable switching with low contact resistance, which can handle the low currents. Available with SMT Terminals, the SFS Series reduces process time to deliver production costs saving for OEM/EMS manufacturers.

“Designed to meet customer requests, the mid travel SFS Series tact switch has a soft actuator and seal contact system that offers rugged, dust-proof performance for long-term operation,” said Daisy Liu, Global Product Manager at C&K.

The SFS Series has a voltage rating of 35 VDC, a current rating of 100 mA but Max power up to 1W,  a contact resistance of 100 milliohms, and an operating temperature of -40°C to 90°C.

For more information on C&K’s new SFS Series tact switch, including details and specifications, please visit: https://www.ckswitches.com/products/switches/product-details/Tactile/SFS/