The First Illuminated Toggle Switch in the C&K Portfolio

C&K Illuminated Toggle Switch Series Offers Space-savings in Rugged Environments

By News Author | December 03, 2020

ILT Series - The First Illuminated Toggle Switch in the C&K Portfolio

The ILT Series is the first illuminated toggle switch in the C&K portfolio…

C&K, the leading manufacturer of high reliability electromechanical switches, has expanded its toggle switch product family to include an illuminated version. Available in six different LED color options, the ILT Series delivers clear and distinct visual communication with users. The ILT Series saves valuable panel space by including the illumination mechanism within the switch, instead of requiring a separate indicator light. The ILT Series toggle switch does not require soldering, further simplifying installation.

The ILT Series features a metal bushing for harsh environment applications, while most competing illuminated toggle switches use plastic bushings. The ILT Series is ideal for a wide range of standard and harsh environment applications including control panels, heavy equipment, industrial instruments, instrumentation, LED lights, lifts & escalators, medical & equipment, security system, telecommunication systems and more.

Offering reliable and long-term operation up to 10K cycles, the ILT Series toggle switch is rated to 20 A.

“The new ILT Series toggle switches with LED indication makes it easy for users to confirm whether the switch is on or off from any distance,” said Troy Dixon-Sekaquaptewa, Global Product Manager at C&K. “The illuminated toggle switch is suitable for a wide range of applications including those with higher amperage requirements.”

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