C&K expands range of vandal-resistant sealed switches for ATMs, ticket machines and security systems

By News Author | May 24, 2019

New ATP16 launch

C&K, a leading manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical switches, announces the launch of its ATP16 series of anti-vandal sealed pushbutton switches. Aimed at designers of equipment and devices used in public spaces or remote locations that are often at high risk of theft or intentional damage, the vandal-resistant switches are ideal for applications such as access controls, intercom push to talk devices, service station equipment and ticketing or automatic vending machines, among others.

The new ATP16 is designed to withstand deliberate damage and vandalism, which in turn can reduce the need for costly in-field repairs and product recalls.

This new product is the latest addition to the portfolio of vandal-resistant switches which is using the same material as the ATP19 and ATP22 series, both introduced earlier this year. The lightweight yet high-strength steel bushing and housing material of the ATP19 and ATP22 are rated up to IK10.

Besides being vandal proof, the new switches share many characteristics of other ATP switches in the range, including being lightweight, IP67-rated and corrosion resistant. As the devices integrating this switch are often outdoors, the switch has been designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and water exposure.

The ATP16 is available in momentary or lock versions to provide versatility to customers. It comes with a LED illuminate indicator in a variety of color options, as well as different choices of actuator with ring or power logo. Complementing the other switches in the ATP range, the ATP16 is rated to 2A/36 VDC with an operating life of 200,000 cycles at full load.

“The introduction of C&K’s ATP16 series reflects the market’s growing demand for robust vandal-resistant switches. In many instances, these solutions have become an essential design consideration for engineers developing outdoor equipment that is commonly targeted by thieves or vandals such as ATMs, ticket machines and access control systems. Together with quality assurances, the comprehensive range of anti-vandal switches we now offer customers ensures there is much easier integration to meet their specific design requirements,” explains Edward Mork, Global Product Manager at C&K.

For more information on C&K’s new ATP16 anti-vandal sealed pushbutton switch, including details and specifications, click here.

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