C&K Snap Switches Deliver Superior Performance & Reliability in Air Circuit Breaker Switch Modules

By News Author | August 03, 2015

High performance TF Series miniature snap switches provide high current rating, long cycle life & low maintenance for circuit breaker applications

C&K Components, a leading global manufacturer of electromechanical switches, smart card interconnect devices, and high reliability connectors, recently used its TF Series miniature snap action switches to develop a custom switch module that provides critical contact position indication for a leading manufacturer of air-type circuit breakers. Featuring a high current rating, a wide range of actuation force options, and an extended operating life of 400,000 cycles at the maximum rated current, C&K’s rugged TF Series snap switches imbue the internal switch module with the performance and reliability required to support the protective function of the end device. Employed in a position switch module that provides critical information about the contact position in low voltage, air-type circuit breakers, which are typically specified for use in switchgear to protect buildings and industrial equipment, C&K’s custom switch module indicates whether the circuit breaker is connected, tripped by a fault condition, or under test. 

“When we were approached by the circuit breaker manufacturer, they were experiencing some performance and quality issues with their existing switch module design,” said Vincent Acampora, product manager at C&K. “By working closely with the manufacturer’s engineering team, we were able to help them design a new module using our proven TF Series snap switch, which, in addition to high current and a range of actuation force options, also features a high number of operating cycles with low maintenance requirements. This new module, in combination with the new assembly process we developed for them, which includes 100% test and inspection procedures, effectively resolved their product performance issues.”

TF Series miniature snap-acting switches feature a wide range of operating forces (15 – 400g), a high electrical rating (21A), five actuator options (pin plungers, levers, lever rollers, simulated rollers, and simulated levers), six termination options (two quick connect, two offset quick connect, screw, and solder), and three circuitry options: single pull double throw (SPDT); single pull single throw, normally closed (SPST NC); and single pull single throw, normally open (SPST NO). The TF Series switches also feature a 300,000 life cycle at 10A and are rated for use in operating temperatures spanning -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F).

Other applications for the TF Series miniature snap switches include: HVAC equipment, automotive applications (e.g., door latches), pump and level control in industrial systems, thermostatic controls, portable power tools, and 3D printers.

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