The World's Largest Independent Switch Vendor

Our promise to protect and enhance our customers' brands has been unwavering for 90 years. To deliver on this promise we're committed to providing our customers with innovative products that continue to raise-the-bar for quality, performance and reliability.

55 K

Number of electromechanical switches and high-rel connectors available in our product catalog

8.5 M

Number of switch combinations available to valued customers

Why We're Different

  • The Broadest & Deepest Product Portfolio
    From highly engineered standard products to semi-custom and full custom switches and assemblies, C&K has a solution to your hardest engineering challenges.

  • The Lowest Manufacturing Defect Rates

    Our cutting-edge production process and strict quality assurance standards produce the world’s highest quality switches with the lowest defect rates.


  • The Leader in Micro-Miniature Tactile Switches
    We design and manufacture the world’s best micro-miniature tactile switches. Products that deliver the ultimate haptic and sound experience with the smallest footprint.

  • State of the Art Design Services
    Our design centers in Europe, North America and Asia help customers create solutions to meet their most demanding requirements. In-house testing facilities ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Specialty High-Reliability Connectors
    Our high-reliability space connectors provide mission-critical reliability when products are traveling to the final frontier.

  • Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities
    Our ability to scale production from prototype through high-volume production provides customers with support throughout the manufacturing process. Our world-class machining, precision high-speed stamping, plastic and rubber molding, surface plating and overmolding skills provides flexibility to meet any customer need.

Expert Advice

We are more than just manufacturers, we are trusted advisors. Let us help you solve your hardest design, engineering and business challenges.

High-Quality Solutions

Our superior design and production capabilites create the highest-quality products ensuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Innovative Custom Designs

We work with the most trusted brands to meet their most demanding design requirements and help them build competitive advantages into their cutting-edge products.

Our Leadership Team

Driven to provide our customers and partners with best-in-class products, service and support

Embracing Corporate Responsibility

People and the environment are our most important resources. For this reason we are commited to corrporate values that drive business decisions towards economic responsibility, gender equality, workforce ethics, consumer transparency, legal compliance, and enviornmental protection.

Office Locations

Where innovative, hard working, passionate people come together to build the world's best switches.


Waltham, MA

C&K's brand new 15,600 square-foot global headquarters, located 12 miles from Boston.

Reservoir Place
1601 Trapelo Road
Suite 178
Waltham MA 02451
Tel: +1 617 969 3700

Dole, France

C&K’s 183,000-square-foot vertically Integrated, highly automated manufacturing facility.

2 Rue Claude Berthollet
Dole, France
Tel: +33 3 84 72 81 12

Huizhou, China

C&K's 463,000 square foot, vertically-integrated and semi-automated manufacturing facility offering broad product mix expertise.

7 Huifeng East 2nd Road
Zhongkai High-Tech Park
Huizhou, Guangdong
China 516006
Tel: +86 752 2773 999

Speak with a Specialist

The quickest way to find a solution and overcome your toughest engineering challenges is to let us help you. Our team of product, market and engineering specialists are here to provide expert advice and show you what C&K has to offer.