To succeed when designing for a harsh environment or a variation in weather and usage conditions, as seen in the space, military, medical, aerospace and automotive industries, you have to be able to rely upon your connectors. C&K’s microminiature MDM connectors are ESA-compliant, low size, designed to be lightweight and protect against moisture and humidity – making them perfect for space applications, such as equipment, harnesses and payloads.

Series Description

MicroD - MDM

Compliant to ESA/ESCC 3401-029 and MIL-PRF-83513 Specification
High performance MicropinTM contact system
Non removable crimp type contacts
Large range of termination (cable, pigtail...)
MDM Connector layout: 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51 cavities

MicroD - MDM with solder bucket

- 3401-029 (ESA/ESCC qualified)
- CS FR022 (Engineering Model)

Compliant with ESA/ESCC 3401/029 Specifications
Compliant with CS FR022 Specifications
Twist Pin Contacts Technology
All sizes available from 9 to 51 ways

MicroD - MDMA / MDMB

- MDMA (ESA/ESCC qualified)
- MDMB (Engineering model)

MDMA: Compliant with ESA/ESCC 3401-077 and 3401-078 Specifications
MDMB: Compliant with CS FR048 Specifications
High perfomance MicropinTM contact system
Removable crimp type contacts
Harnesses length flexibility

MicroD - Savers

Compliant with ESA/ESCC 3401-041 Specification
Same Savers Connectors for MDM and MDMA Connectors
All size available from 9 to 51 ways


MicroD- Lightweight Backshell:

- 3401-087 (ESA/ESCC qualified)
- CS FR022 (Engineering Model)

Compliant with ESCC specifications 3401-087 Lightweight
Compliant with CS FR022 Specifications
Backshells for 3401-029 and 3401-077 Micro-D Connectors.
All sizes available from 9 to 51 ways
• Top circular
• Top elliptical
• 45° circular
• 45° elliptical

MicroD - Accessories

Compliant with ESA/ESCC 3401-032 Specification
Hardware, screwlock, bracket, interfacial seal...