High Precision Tools & Molds

C&K acquired Vuillermoz, a micro-mechanical components and tooling company located in St. Claude, France in April 2018.

With over 20 years of experience, Vuillermoz provides precision components and customized tooling to a variety of market segments including medical, industrial, and research (CNRS and CEA). This includes micro machining and over-molding parts a fraction of millimeter in size with tolerances +/- 1 micron. Vuillermoz manufactures precision parts for medical applications requiring 5 microns of precision over 24 incremental steps. 



Integrated design office for tools and molds

  • Air-conditioned control room with hygrometric control and certified metrology machines
  • Air-conditioned workshop
  • Reactivity & Rigor
  • Providing technical solutions
  • No subcontracting for total control of the production and for the sake of confidentiality
  • Selection of raw materials

Specific materials

  • Natural materials: wood, horn ...
  • Minerals: ruby, sapphire ...
  • Glass
  • Composite materials: carbon of our manufacture
  • Tungsten carbide (possibility of milling)
  • All steels treated or not: titanium, stainless steel, high speed steel, brass, aluminum …
  • All polymers: PEEK, LCP, PSU, POM, galalite, nylon ...
  • These materials can be machined to accuracies of ± 1 micron

Micro machining capabilities:

  • Parts of a few tenths of a mm
  • Tolerances ± 1 micron
  • Surface roughness: 0.08 μ
  • Electro-erosion hole drilling up to Ø 20 μ
  • Electro-erosion machining with 6-axis wire (Ø 20 μ wire)
  • Micro-machining by EDM of complex shapes
  • Micro machining in simultaneous 5-axis milling of complex shapes (3D)
  • NC profile rectification
  • Internal and external cylindrical grinding

Micro-injection mold - design, realization and development of tools for thermoplastic micro injection, MIM and ceramic

  • Prototype tools
  • Test tools
  • Serial tools
  • Multi-cavities hot runner tooling
  • Injection trial on press
  • Injection of small and medium series

Micro-injection - An electric injection press with Ø15 screws and Ø8 micro-screw module

  • Complete machine with robot, desiccator, cartridge heater block, water heater, pot with special high temperature collar
  • PEEK, LCP, PSU, POM and other materials
  • Overmolding up to 1.5 thousandths of a gram
  • Part injected up to 1 thousandth of a gram
  • Prototype injection: small and medium series

Micro cutting tool

  • Design, realization and development of cutting tool
  • Metrology, modeling and machining of broken punch and die
  • Test tool
  • Strip cutting tool
  • Machining of steel and carbide punches and dies
  • Minimum radius of 0.015 in corners

Precision Engraving - design & realization of precision engraving, on any support, machined from a photo or a drawing

  • Watch casings
  • Commemorative plaque
  • Medal
  • Watch dial
  • Unit piece and small series